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College days…

Listening to the songs of the movie “Happy Days”, I’m reliving my college life again.. I did not get a chance to see this movie yet..but the songs seem to reflect the mood of the movie…as told by people who saw it…

I remember how carefree we were during all those 4 years…to be precise 3.5 years..Travelling in all those crowded buses having conversations with friends, Bunking the classes and going to movies, spending long hours in canteen even with very less money, surfing on the net in college lab even after lunch hours, going to the class in the last minute just to get attendance, eating and reading all junk in the front bench (the lecturers never notice front benchers..they think the back benchers are only noise makers), all those freshers/farewell disco parties, struggling with all those sample projects and of course studying all night for final exams…(One day batting as we used to term it), praying God that most of the questions should come from the unit I studied….The list will seem endless if all the activities we did are listed here…

I miss all those days and all my friends with whom I spent all those lovely days..There are some instances which I clearly remember and some I don’t..The day I saw Dil Chahta hein and I was so excited the whole week…the day my roomie got scolded by the conductor in Hindi and she smiled(of course, she doesn’t know Hindi…the day I topped in my favorite subject, the day I just cleared the subject I thought I would fail et al…it all seems that all of this happened just yesterday..but days are passing by and I dont feel that its been years since all this happened…

Those are the precious days of my life..And I will cherish them all through out my life…


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Indulgence in conversations

How often do you have a conversation with your loved ones?? Once a day, once a week, or once a month…We are so busy accumulating money these days that we dont spend quality time with the people we love and care the most.

Technology has made communication possible from every nook and corner of the world to any other part of the world. But still it did not increase the frequency of conversations among people. Infact, the number of conversations has reduced.

I prefer having a conversation with my friends and family very regularly. But, do I have them? The answer is a big “NO”. I often ask “WHY?”. Is it because of my lifestyle, my work or something else? I’m not sure about the answer. But it might be a combination of many things.

I feel very elated and even on top of the world whenever I indulge in a conversation with people very dear to me. At that moment, I even promise to myself to have such conversations regularly..But the feeling becomes momentary. I get busy with other things that I forget the promise I made to myself.

Express what you feel to the people you like at the time you want to because you never know when life will leave you….

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